Saturday, December 10, 2011

மயூர பந்தம் mayura bandham

                                                  பாம்பன் ஸ்ரீமத் குமரகுருதாச சுவாமிகள் அருளிய
                                                                               மயூர பந்தம் 
                                             Mayura Bandham
                          பகை விலக,மந்திர,தந்திர,பில்லி,சூனிய ஏவல் பிணி நீக்க வல்லது.

                                                      MAYURA BANDHAM

To over come  Antagonism, Black magic, Strategic, Witchcraft, Guiding and malady.
Recitation may help to eury from the above elements. 

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Anonymous said...

Mayura Bhantham peacock is very attractive as picture too. i intend to have similar art in home, after seeing this enthra, i thought of having this picture in pooja room or in hall or in entrance. i tried to have mirror image so that it will look nice similar to elephants for laxmi. but while making mirror image by flip or rotation, the tamil wordings are not readable. kindly confirm whether having mirror image is spiritually acceptable with non readable tamil text. if not i request the blogger through computer experts to have mirror image so that peacock looking towards right side has correct tamil fonts and that image can also be placed in the web. Thanking you in advance & anticipation