Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PARIBOOJANA PANJAMIRTHA VANNAM - ஸ்ரீமத் பாம்பன் சுவாமிகள் அருளிய பரிபூஜன பஞ்சாமிர்த வண்ணம் PARUPOOJANA PANCHAAMIRTHA VANNAM

                                        PARUPOOJANA PANCHAAMIRTHA VANNAM

        இறைவனை அபிஷேகித்த பயனும் ஞானமும் முக்தியும் பெறலாம்


Gopinathan said...

One of the best resources to know about the "Mahans". Gives a support feeling in-terms of spirtual resources. I never had the opportunity to see the hierarchial relation of the 'Swamis' in general. This blog gives an opportunity to learn and understand what is really missing in a normal human mind (myself!).

Suggestion: "Daily tit bits" kind of information will allow people like me to read a snap-shot of teachings of these "Mahans".

cham said...


Nice post, Thanks for the lyrics, is there any way I can get a mp3 or audio format of the panchamirutha vanaam