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CHAARVI NUMEROLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTER began offering its services to various cross sections of the public in the year 1990. The core principle was to analyze the clients’ problem from different perspectives, assess the root cause and arrive at a practical and fool proofsolution through the power of numbers. Since the year of commencement, over 6000 clients have found fruitful solutions to their multitude of problems at CHAARVI. At we also the approach to each individual’s problem is sincerely and deal with it, carefully and honestly.
The Numerologist behind CHAARVI is Shri. MS.Cherweroyar. who has completed his Graduation in Textile Designing in Singapore in the year 1976. During the same period (1975-1976) he had his preliminary tryst with ‘numerology’. He learned basic and subsequently advanced stages of Numerology from Prof.D.R.Alban Rodricko in Singapore. Later, he fine honed his skills and learned the most critical aspects of the magic of numbers from Dr.Abraham.T.Kovoor with whom he stayed during the period 1976-1978. Dr.Kovoor was then associated with Peradenia University, Sri Lanka and St.Thomas College, Mount Lavenia.
About Numerology…
Numerology is an ancient science and practice where letters are attributed to numerical valuation and then the sum of the numbers in one’s name are evaluated along with the date of birth. The interrelated vibrations are studied in depth to arrive at a precise understanding of the individuals’ character, intrinsic talents and motivating factors.
At CHAARVI NUMEROLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTER – research is undertaken taking into consideration the vibrations caused by all the ten planets including the earth unlike the usual practice of considering only nine planets excluding the SCIENCE OF NUMEROLOGY
Numerology does not deal merely with the prediction of the future with the help of numbers. It caters to the basic human desire of having a peek into the future. But Numerology also caters to the need of altering the future with the help of numbers.
At CHAARVI we believe that Numerology is a subject every human being should know, understand and capitalize on. What follows is an attempt to DEMYSTIFY Numerology.
What’s in a Name…?
When a child is born records are immediately created with respect to the time and date of birth of the physical body (the carrier of the soul). Thereafter, this physical body is given a lifelong identity- a ‘NAME’. From then on this ‘NAME’ wholly engulfs the particular physical body. Be it the birth certificate, school records, college records, driving license, bank accounts and so on and so forth The ‘NAME’ assumes responsibility of identifying and recognizing the physical body. The physical body receives adulations for acts of benevolence through that ‘NAME’,and also attracts abuses for anti-social acts.
For example, when one approaches a financial institutions for assistance or a loan, it is not one’s physical attributes like brilliant looks, strong hands or polished behaviour that ensure success in obtaining the assistance. Rather, it is the credibility against one’s ‘NAME’ that clinches the deal. It is the credit rating or assets against one’s ‘NAME’ that counts and not whether one is strong and handsome.
Physical attributes are vital for socially important carriers like in the army or police etc. However, it is the mental attributes that are crucial for leaders with a motivation to change the way we live.
This motivational streak needs to be identified, nurtured and groomed to ensure that one achieves one’s fullest potential.
The ‘NAME’ of a person may be likened to the role of a transmission tower in broadcasting radio waves. The programmes broadcast from a radio station are transmitted through powerful antenna’s to radio receivers. The ‘NAME’ similarly transmits the prowess of the physical body to the receiver (in this case society). Numerology essentially deals with understanding the vibrating frequencies of the physical body, The ‘NAME’ and the society or targeted audience. After understanding these vibrating frequencies through various calculations Numerology works on synchronizing the frequency between the physical body and The ‘NAME’. The synchronized force then reaches the targeted audience with awesome power and blends with vibrating frequency of the society, contributing positively to social change.
Physical strength has its limitations, while mental strength does not. Where does this mental strength come from? Obviously from the organ called the ‘Brain’. The ‘Brain’ controls all parts of our body by directing all voluntary and involuntary functions day in and day out throughout our life time. The power to do this is derived from a stockpile of over 115 crore cells performing precise functions swiftly like a computer chip. Of these abut 10000 cells suffice to perform daily chores, including simple arithmetic. The loss of cells per cigarette is around 200, per bout of alcohol consumption is about 2000, the same per angry outburst and about 6000 cells per act of sexual intercourse.
How does one train the brain to achieve more? How does one develop more brain cells to improve mental ability and mental strength? Meditation, soul purifying practices, kayakalpa exercises, raja yoga and asceticism are a few methods to exercise the mind. People who have practiced this mental training achieve success and become leaders in their chosen fields. Sages and saints followed stringent mental training regimens through precise exercises to achieve brain cell growth of about 5 lakh cells. Messengers of god where all born just like all of us, however, they achieved godliness by developing over 50 lakh brain cells through disciplined mental training.
Numerology is one such science that uses numbers to train the brain and achieve stupendous success. This is achieved by setting names and numerals we use in our daily walk of life to accelerate progress in our chosen spheres.
Numer, Grapho and Futurology are stages in “CHAARVI” s brain training programmes to achieve professional success. This is made possible by evaluating ones date of birth, year of birth and handwriting/ signature.
The date of birth of a person is considered as the basic identity and all calculations stem from here. For example the dates 1, 10, 19 and 28 add up to give 1. Each of these dates are further divided into types which are arrived by the sum total of the date of birth (Eg; 1.1.1997 = 1+1+1+9+9+7= 28=2+8= 10=1+0=1). This is one combination for the date total 1 and there are 8 more such types for date totaling 1. Each date is further categorized into 9 combinations namely ((1,10,19,28), (2,11,20,29), (3,12,21,30), (4,13,22,31), (5,14,23), (6,15,24), (7,16,25), (8,17,26), (9,18,27)). So an over total of 279 types is arrived at. Each of these types is further divided into four models based on the time of birth. The FIRST MODEL being in the time space 12.01 AM to 6 AM, SECOND MODEL- 6.01AM to 12NOON, THIRD MODEL- 12.01PM to 6PM and the FOURTH MODEL- 6.01PM TO 12 MIDNIGHT. The individual date of birth is thus broken down to 1116 categories affording us minute and detailed scrutiny of each individual.
For example an individual with date of birth 1.10.1982 and time of birth 7.35pm is categorized as follows:
Date : 1
Type: DOB Total : 1+1+0+1+9+8+2 = 22 = 2 + 2 = 4 Type
Model: Time of Birth : 7.35pm (Fourth Model- 6.01PM TO 12 MIDNIGHT
The above individual belongs to the fourth model of the fourth type of date 1.

Programs by Chaarvi…
Chaarvi’s various programmes are designed to resolve problems related to Business, cash flow, reversal of negative thoughts and attitude, guiding children through counseling and motivational programmes, resolving family disputes, achieving goals without a break and reversing inferiority complex to create a positive frame of mind.
Chaarvi offers Numerological programming in Seven Stages in addition to other programmes.
The individual is empowered to influence the work of upto 150 people around him. This stage of programming is split into two stages.
The Second Stage empowers the individual to influence the work of upto 100000 people around him. This stage of programming is split into two stages.
In this stage we work on Business/ career related issues. Here the individual is empowered to influence the work of people within a radius of 750 Kilometers, allowing him to control the functioning of business establishments over a large topography.
The fourth stage is called the CS Practice. This is a program strictly restricted to those with limited options.
The fifth stage is called the PPP programme. This programme is specifically designed to protect property and ensure prosperity.
The sixth stage is called the TEX programme. This is a programme designed to tap the creative energy and talent in each individual and help the person excel in his/ her field of activity.
The seventh stage is called the EMP programme ( EXTRA MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME). This is a motivational programme designed to regenerate the positive energy lying dormant within an individual.
Our other programmes include Naming infants; Naming and renaming Business Establishments and helping businesses to grow. There are also on offer specific programmes designed for success in political career and in the cinema industry/Booster programme ( Lafty / Normal ).
Benefits of numerology…
Besides resolving a plethora of issues, the use of numbers through the science of numerology can also bring about a sea change in an individuals attitude towards life and its challenges. From an individual living in sheer dread of problems emerges an individual eager to face and resolve the challenges of life. Numerology also radically changes the intrinsic quality of a person for the better.
What’s unique at Chaarvi…?
The uniqueness of Chaarvi is that the relationship does not end once a solution has been offered. The follow up continues till the issue is resolved and a positive solution is achieved. Further, at Chaarvi we believe that a client’s problem is our problem and utmost attention is paid to the issues to be solved. The client is treated with extreme care and compassion. Chaarvi imbibes positive values in every individual dealt with.

Those who want to know about the future, should give the details below :
1. Personal details
Date of Birth : Date / Month / Year ( e.g. : 15 / Oct / 1974 )
Time of Birth : 00 : 00 am / pm ( e.g. : 05 :02 am )
Full Name
( In block letters ) :
Nick Name
( If any ) :
Place of birth :
 ( Birth data required; Name (Mr./Ms./Dr.); date of birth; time of birth in airway/railway time pattern like: 0300 am, 2343 hrs, 0011 am (minutes) etc. Place of birth - if small village may be supported with name of nearest town with approximate kms, district, state and country,since this will help us take the correct degrees of the places.)
2. Five Signatures
Note :
The signature should be signed early morning ( before - 5.30 am ), before seeing anyone.

3. Family members details
Wife / Husband's Name :
Wife / Husband's Date of birth :
Son / Daughter's Name :
Son / Daughter's Date of birth :

4. Address

Numerology deals with the prediction of the future with the help of numbers. It caters to the basic desire of English and Tamil


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